CrackShield - Foundation Crack Repair System
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CrackShield Foundation Wall Crack Repair System    
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CrackShield Foundation Wall Crack Repair System

It will also serve as a second line of defense against water leakage.

CrackShieldTM is the most technologically advance crack repair system on the market today.

15 Year National Backed Warranty.

Why fix it

Wall cracks are a sign of possible serious foundation issues. Cracks will widen and multiply with continuous stress on the foundation. Repairing them can keep the cracks from leaking (seepage), minimize soil gas and/or bugs from entering into the basement. Repairing a crack may keep the foundation problem from getting worse. A misdiagnosis of the crack can lead to costly structural and further invasive foundation repair work. Cracks are also a warning sign to many home inspectors and appraisers, which can stop or slow down the sale of a home.

Properly repairing a foundation wall crack can:

* Help to prevent leaks and seepages
* Protect against flooding
* Prevent more serious foundation problems
* Prevent insects and soil gas from entering
* Help reduce humidity and moisture levels


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