CrackShield - Foundation Crack Repair System
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CrackShield Foundation Wall Crack Repair System    
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CrackShield Foundation Wall Crack Repair System

It will also serve as a second line of defense against water leakage.

CrackShieldTM is the most technologically advance crack repair system on the market today.

15 Year National Backed Warranty.
    CrackShield™ National Backed Warranty

Your local Authorized CrackShield Installer warrants your CrackShield installation for 15 years. During that time any leakage of water deemed to be originating from a foundation wall crack repaired with CrackShield will be covered under warranty. Any labor and materials to repair said crack will be at no charge to you.

If your Authorized CrackShield Installer, were to go out of business Grate Products, LLC the manufacturer of CrackShield, will cover your warranty. Grate Products, LLC will arrange to have a neighboring CrackShield Installer or a Grate Products National Technician to inspect and perform any necessary warranty repairs. These repairs will be at no cost to you.

This warranty can be transferred to any new owners by contacting Grate Products, LLC and providing the new owners names. There is a $50.00 fee for transferring any warranty after 6 months of installation. Transfers within 6 months will be done at no charge to you.

Things that are not covered by this Limited Warranty:
This foundation wall crack repair does not cover ground water leakage from the floor wall joint, this type of ground water problem is corrected by the installation of a GrateSump TM System. See

Grate Products, LLC recommend a full GrateDrain TM System be installed before you finish your basement in order to control any water and moisture in the basement space. See Sealing foundation cracks is not a complete solution if you plan on finishing your basement. Contact your CrackShield Installer or visit for further information on making your basement healthy.

This Limited Warranty covers labor and materials to repair said crack only. Cracks not repaired, wall snap ties, and water coming over the sill are not covered. The warranty does not cover damages to any items in the basement like carpet, walls, personal items, etc. If a finished wall covers CrackShield repair it is your responsibility to remove and replace walls in order to access the crack for any necessary repairs.


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